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My Transactions

Just letting my sellers know, I've very wary of getting scammed myself. So when I decide to purchase things, I take pictures on my digital camera for proof that I've talked to the seller on their journal post, and when I have paid invoices on Paypal or sent out payments. But all the sellers so far are trustworthy since I only buy from those with more than enough feedback for me to trust them. :D Please be kind to me. Until then...

Items Received:
Skull Socks from a_dropofcolour   Received on 11-5-09
Vintage Stars Earcuff
from tokidokiko   Received on 11-9-09
Black Bow Socks from sailorphoenix84   Received on 11-14-09
White Metamorphose Bloomers from bunniea  Received on 11-16-09
Tripp Plaid Skirt
from chiizukeekisan   Received on 11-16-09
Black Gloomy Bear Socks from dohreimee   Received on 11-17-09
h.NAOTO Anarchy skirt
from megakazul  Received on 11-18-09
SHOXX the GazettE pull out poster and MISC. J-rock posters
from socialmute   Received on 11-20-09
Note: her LJ name was pixychild  , but changed and is still the same seller.
White Metamorphose Knee-high Socks from suzu_hime   Received on 11-20-09
h.NAOTO Blood Overskirt from quoththeraven   Received on 11-20-09
Black Headdress
from luxurias_slave   Received on 11-23-09
Purple Gingham Halter JSK from  kurodatenshi   Received on 11-27-09
Note: Purchased off from Lolita Fashion website.
Black Bodyline Charmed OTK Socks
from lolicakes   Received on 11-27-09
Mar Jour Punk Lolita Mini Dress and Punk Plaid Skirt
from yuki_pyon   Received on 11-28-09
Pink SEX POT ReVeNGe knee-high socks
from myvxaddicted   Received on 12-1-09
KKJJ White Petticoat
from kirakirajenjen   Received on 12.-3-09
Black Dandy Style Vest from daimeiwaku   Received on 12-3-09
Offbrand Cupcake Apron
from mrs_gackt_camui   on 12-4-09
Putumayo Trump Knee-High Socks
from maetel9sale   Received on 12-7-09
Offbrand Socks
from lavenderspikes   Received on 12-7-09
SS106 Secret Shop socks from nana_jun   Received on 12-8-09
Kawaii Plaid Bloomers from sendohsan  
Received on 12-12-09 Note: Purchased from Lolita Fashion website.
Meta Card Suit Argyle Socks from lil_pandi   Received on 12-14-09
S001 White X Black x White Secret Shop Socks
from yikyu1991716   Received on 12-16-09
Bodyline Striped Socks from xmadrabbits   Received on 12-19-09
Black Lolita shoes and Black Gothic Boots
from mujitsukyo   Received on 12-19-09
Medium length black offbrand Petticoat from neyaatalan   Received on 12-22-09
Black Bodyline Shoes from flippykills2   Received on 12-23-09
Double Rings w/ Chain Attachment
from daimeiwaku   Received on 1-4-10
Offbrand Pink and Black Striped Tights
from xmadrabbits   Received on 1-5-10
Black Bloomers
from jolie_chose   Received on 1-6-10
Peace Now Cutsew Dress
from xmadrabbits   Received on 1-19-10
PinkxBlackxWhite Socks from ashenine   Received on 1-19-10
Pink Bodyline Princess Skirt
from burnt_tuna   Received on 1-21-10
Anna House Black Skirt from talia_speaks   Received on 1-22-10
2-Piece Fushia/Black Check Tops Grassy Green Scrunch Top Teal Stripe Racerback
from tokidokiko   Received on 1-26-10 Bodyline Rose Skirt from sayuri_eve   Received on 1-29-10
Alice and the Pirates Blue Emblem High Socks
from milktea1   Received on 1-29-10
Chocomint Mini hat lace katyusha / Head Bow from milktea1   Received on 1-29-10
Metamorphose School Socks
from animegrrl   Received on 2-1-10
Pinstripe Bloomers from aliknyankochan   Received on 2-1-10 Note: I PMed her for the commission of these bloomers, so no link available.
Secret Shop Boots/Bodyline Skirt
from starryfeet   Received on 2-4-10
Lolita Princess Black Ribbon Blouse
from my_thriftstore Received on 2-6-10
from mitsukoo_soma Received on 2-8-10
BTSSB Heart Apron
from elerronyar Received on 2-11-10
Rose Melody Rosa Aroma JSK from twinkle_sales Received on 2-13-2010
Bodyline Love Nadia JSK
from kizzie_ Received on 2-13-2010
Note: Transaction was made through a PM.
Rose Melody Rosa Aroma Deluxe 2 Piece Set
from lolitofu Received on 2-13-2010
Geo Contact Lenses (Brown and Purple) from mimisho_pink Received on 2-24-1010
Chinese Graphic Tank Top from tokidokiko   Received on 3-4-10
Kitty Shirt
from electrobubbles   Received on 3-5-10
Gingham Long Halter [fits S/M], Sweet Apple Long Tank [fits S/M], Grey Fitted Feminine Top [fits S], Blue/Orange Striped Top [fits S]
from tokidokiko Received on 3-15-10
Cuff Chain Earrings from jkheart Received on 3-16-10
Note: Transaction made through email
Orange Broach and Black Knee-High Socks
from kurodatenshi   Received on 3-17-10
2 Pink Lolita Hairties, Star Hairclip, Cute Bunny Hairband from yuki_pyon Received on 3-22-10
GEO Contact Lenses (supersize Brown) from mimisho_pink   Received on 3-26-10 Note: Other two pairs awaiting in a few weeks
Sweet Lolita Headbow
from suicidecall Received on 3-26-10
Plaid Ruffle Lace Layered Skirt
from tokidokiko   Received on 3-30-10
Bodyline Red OP from cerests   Received on 4-22-10
Cream Bodyline OP from soniabunny   Received on  4-23-10
Two Pairs GEO Contact Lens (Grey and Green) from mimisho_pink   Received on 4-24-10
Brown Scrunch Dress/Skirt w/Black Bow/Ribbon-Tied Black Wrap from tokidokiko Received on 4-26-10
Bodyline Ruffle Bloomers from sugarcakesales Received on 4-26-10
Anna House Antique White Blouse
from dollypoddle Received on 5/1/10
Several Bodyline Items of Bodyline GO from kitty_caesar  Received on 5/3/10
Pink Candy Pearl Bracelet and Black x White Princess Ribbon Shushu (Chocomint GO #4) from thevisual_beast  Received on 5-5-10
h.NAOTO HANGRY&ANGRY Bento/Lunch Bag from etherealwing  Received on 5-7-10G.L.P. Anarchy in Chains Tank Top and DollscroPs Black Datura Classic OP Set from etsplanations  Received on 5-11-10
Vanilla Star Black Romper Suit from boykitten Received on 5-11-10
G.L.P. Cutsew from ephraelle Received on 5-13-10
$22 Worth of Items from Fan+Plus Friend GO from aerospydie  Received on 5-15-10
Infanta Spring Whisper Alice JSK from qcute  Received on
Nudy Pink Contacts (Group Order) from mimisho_pink Received on

My Old Sales Posts: 1, 2, 3, 4

Innocent World White Blouse from

Hopefully this will help you know how trustworthy I am! ^_^  
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