Kuro Hargreaves (azndragonkeeper) wrote,
Kuro Hargreaves

Buyer/Seller Feedback

Please take one moment of your time to post any feedback here for everyone to see. I would like any honest feedback for me. Please post if you're a buyer or seller, and what I bought from you or what you bought from me. :3
Thank you! ^_^

Personal Journal Feedback:
Positive: +36
Neutral: +/-0
Negative: -0

My LoliGoth Database Feedback:
azndragonkeeper +21
Screencaps: My Gallery

My eglfeedback: azndragonkeeper +49

My eBay Feedback:
azndragonkeeper +4

TOTAL FEEDBACK (not including LoliGoth DBS FB): +89

Tags: buyer, egl_comm_sales, feedback, seller, vk_sales

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