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Anime/Manga/Game Character Sales

Terms of Sale:
~I only accept Paypal (I do charge Paypal fees, and they're not included)
~Shipping is already included in prices for US ONLY. Ask for me for a shipping quote for international buyers.
~Default shipping is First Class so let me know if you want a different shipping method.
~I'll take extra pictures upon request
~The only pets I have are koi fish, but they are kept safe in an aquarium and AWAY from my things, and there are non-smokers living in my home...unless there's someone sneaking, but not that I know of.
~Once I send an invoice, you CANNOT back out of paying; otherwise I will leave neutral feedback and/or put you on my list of bad buyers/sellers/ scammers.
~I ship everything on Fridays.

~Prices are negotiable, but be reasonable.
~I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens to the items once they leave my hands.
~I have 100% feedback in my personal journal and on EGL/EGA Database to prove I'm a legitimate seller.


~Yaoi Manga
~For ages 16+
~Very good condition
~I prefer to sell this as a set
~I paid about $13 for each volume
~Asking price: $40 including shipping

Only The Ring Finger Knows Novels Volumes 1-2

~Yaoi Manga
~For ages 18+
~Very good condition
~I paid about $9 for each
~Asking price: $10 including shipping
and Butterfly Fairy photo comes free as a gift with purchase

Garden Dreams (for ages 13+) - $8 including shipping
Gorgeous Carat Galaxy (yaoi manga, for ages 13+) - $8 including shipping

Fruits Basket Volumes 7, 8, 9 - $5 each including shipping OR buy all three for $15 including shipping (no Paypal fee charges!!!!).
Condition: Slightly worn on the corners and spine due to letting people borrow these. >.> That's what I get for doing that, so I wanna get rid of these and buy new ones in very good condition.

YuYu Hakusho Volumes 1, 5, 7 - $5 each including shipping OR buy all three and it'll be $15 including shipping (and no Paypal fee charges)!!!
Condition: Volume 1 already had an owner before, but is in very good condition. There might be some glitches here and there, but not very noticeable.

D N Angel Volume 1

~For ages 13+
~I just bought it a month ago, so in very good condition
~I paid about $10 for it
~$6 including shipping

Shonen Jump Magazines

-Volume 4, Issue 2, Number 38, February 2006
-Volume 3, Issue 2, Number 26, February 2005 (INCLUDES YU-GI-OH! ONLINE CD-ROM IT CAME WITH)
-Volume 2, Issue 9, Number 21, September 2004
-Volume 3, Issue 9, Number 33, September 2005
-Volume 4, Issue 8, Number 44, August 2006
-Volume 2, Issue 10, Number 22, October 2004
~Good condition
~Obviously paid about $5 for each
~Asking price: $3 per volume including shipping, or $15 for the whole set including shipping

How to Draw Manga by Katy Coope

~64 pages
~Kinda old; used condition; slightly damaged corners
~I originally bought this at $8
~Asking for $6 including shipping

Animerica Extra: x/1999

~Perfect condition
~Yellowed pages, but never really used
~Comes FREE with the How to Draw Manga book

Naruto Doujinshi Art

Bought this at Anime Expo a couple years ago. It's been taped to my wall for awhile. I don't hate it in particular, but I just want to make some room for incoming J-rock posters. It's in good condition, maybe a little dusty. And letting you know, I paid for more than asking price for this art.
Asking price: $6 including shipping

Deathnote Doujinshi Art

Bought this from the same artist (see Naruto art above) in Anime Expo a couple years ago. I love this art, but I want to make room for my precious J-rock posters. My asking price is much cheaper than what I paid for both artwork pieces. Buy this, and you get a free gift (the Rikku postcard).
Asking price: $6 including shipping

Butterfly Fairy?

I bought this photo at Anime Expo 3 years ago. It's in very good condition. I love it, but I want to make room for my J-rock posters.
Original price: $5
Asking price: $3 including shipping OR will come free if you buy 2 items.

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku

It's supposed to be a postcard, but it's not. At all. It's in very good condition.
Asking price: $3 including shipping

Deck of Cards

YuYu Hakusho - $4 including shipping
Shaman King - $4 including shipping
Galaxy Angel - $3 including shipping

Bleach Figure - $4 including shipping

Monokuro Boo Pin - $3 including shipping
Pencil Top Erasers - $4 (one of them is missing and not included) including shipping
Japanese Erasers (the single erasers at the bottom of pic) - $3 each including shipping

Hamukko World Erasers in own case - $6 including shipping

Tofu Robot - $5 including shipping
Galaxy Angel Characters - $5 including shipping OR buy all the GA buttons, $15 including shipping (no Paypal fees charged)
Hikaru/Kaoru - $5 including shipping

Galaxy Angels Sheet Protector - $5 including shipping

~New; unopened; never used
~I'm SURE it's a sheet protector...LMAO
Tags: anime, manga, shonen jump magazines, yaoi

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