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Dir en grey's 13th Anniversary

Happy 13th Anniversary, Dir en grey, my favorite band of all time! It's been good long years since February 2, 1997, but look how hard you guys worked! Thank you for the music and songs, and for the times I had fun going to your concerts in SoCal. I don't care how many people tell me you guys are old or your music is "too hardcore" (those pussies ~.~) or how many fans you have--this band is always going to be my favorite because you guys inspired me to stay with my opinions no matter what, and even gave me a little more courage.

Here's my tribute to you guys, Kyo, Kaoru, Die, Toshiya, Shinya! (Photos aren't in order by when they took their photos, just what I remembered from being their fan all these years.)

This is a very nostalgic picture for me because when I looked up Dir en grey photos, this was the first I saw, and it made me laugh. X3

This is from 朔 -saku-, one of my early favorite Dir en grey songs! 朔 -saku- is the song that got me loving metal music. :3

A proof that no matter how hard the Diru members try to look tough, even they can have a cute and silly side. :3

Their visual kei days. My, they had such unique tastes and style!

Yup, their visual kei style stood out among the rest!

Yeah, I couldn't resist putting this photo down just so you can see their different heights. It's still a cute photo. ^_^

They were about to start THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN TOUR2008 then. I have a poster with this picture on it, and it was my first concert. <3

I have a T-shirt with this pic image on it from the House of Blues concert in LA last year on November 20.

Look at them now. Not so visual kei anymore, but still stylish and hard-working with their songs (not to mention still handsome, ho ho ho)! :D Thank you for all your hardwork!
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